Oil Economy Focus covers global Oil & Gas and Shale, Solar and Renewable Energy, as well as the aspects of Economy and Finance related to these areas.

The Oil Economy Focus method of presentation is that of Rapid Review. The reader is presented with a short but precise synopsis that serves as a time-saving introduction to the article in question. The source article is always shown in its original presentation and in full, no matter what its length.

The selection of the articles and analyses that are published in Oil Economy Focus aims to provide indispensable references that will positively aid the decision-maker.

This fundamental Oil Economy Focus policy is adhered to by our in-house analytical team and specialized associates, but we will consider publishing articles or reports that are in line with our policy from other analysts.

To sum up, and to state our purpose very clearly: “Oil Economy Focus aims to be an indispensable reference point for the key players and decision makers involved in the fundamental dynamics of global oil and energy relations.”