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Technical analyst Clive P. Maund lists the reasons he believes oil prices, which recently peaked above $50 a barrel, are headed for a fall: “It still looks like oil is topping out here at about the $50 level after its substantial recovery uptrend from its February low. While we cannot be sure until it breaks down from its uptrend, the chances of its doing so soon look high for various reasons.”
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India seen setting oil-demand growth pace lweb.es/f884 4.04.16 OEF REVIEW:India is poised to replace China as the world’s center of oil-demand growth, according to authors of a study published by the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies. As growth of Chinese oil demand slows, India’s is increasing, note Amrita Sen, chief oil analyst of Energy Aspects, and Anupama Sen, senior research fellow at the Oxford Institute. India’s development has characteristics similar to those of China 10-15 years ago, the analysts say.
War between Saudi Arabia and Iran could send oil prices to $250 lweb.es/f736 OEF REVIEW:“If there is a war confronting Iran and Saudi Arabia, oil could overnight go to above $250, but decline down to the $100 level,” (...) “If they attack each other’s loading facilities, then we could see oil spike to over $500 and stay around there for some time depending on the extent of the damage.”
Venezuela expanding military influence over oil and mining lweb.es/f824 OEF REVIEW:Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro moved to increase the military’s involvement in the country’s oil and mining industries with the creation of a new state company that will report to the Defense Ministry. The military company, "Camimpeg", was authorized to participate in a range of oil services and mining activities including the maintenance of wells and drilling rigs, transport and the commercialization of chemicals.
Oil rockets from 12-year low on renewed talk of OPEC cut lweb.es/f826 OEF REVIEW:The United Arab Emirates' energy minister has said that OPEC was willing to cooperate on an output cut. Many traders were skeptical noting that Venezuela and Russia had tried in vain to stir Saudi Arabia and other major producers into agreeing to cuts, but after a price slump that has taken crude prices to more than 12-year lows, many of these traders were inclined to believe that a rebound was due sooner or later. "We expect declining U.S. oil production, in particular, to drive the oil price back up to $50 per barrel by the end of the year," Frankfurt-based Commerzbank said in a n...
Downstream Real Estate Reflects ‘Silver Lining’ In Oil and Gas lweb.es/f2220 12.05.2016 This 2016 Energy Outlook from the company JLL looks at global macroeconomic trends and considers the recovery timeline to expect once oil prices stabilize. The net effect on property markets of the structural changes that are currently redefining the energy industry is then discussed, focusing on the performance of office and industrial inventories in energy-centric cities. The influence of renewable energy on the health of real estate markets today and into the future is also covered. Lastly, U.S. and Canadian trends, deals and fundamentals are presented.